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What People Say

"The man is unique in the strictest sense of the word. It is very rare to meet someone with aesthetic and philosophical positions so strictly held and carefully thought through that they tangibly imbue every aspect of his character and way of life. My visits with Michael have always affected me for the better in all kinds of ways, and he occupies a special place in my sphere of friendship."

— Mr. Wilder D. Fulford, Managing Director, Deutsche Bank, London

"For twenty years Michael has impressed me as a man of terrific conviction and human substance. His conversation is spellbinding—a gorgeous storytelling, a sensitive and acute inquiry into culture, family, and the secrets of a life worth living. He is incomparable."

— Dr. David F. Kamin, M.D., F.A.C.S., Beverly Hills

"Very rarely do I make friends so quickly—and a certain kind of friendship, based on serious conversation and a genuine common interest in the truth. Michael is a truly original phenomenon, entirely underived from anyone or anything else."

— Brother George Van Grieken FSC, Brother President and CEO, Saint Joseph's Institution International, Singapore

"Michael Anthony Lorence...is best epitomized by the eighteenth century, the great age of the gentleman: Lord Chesterfield, Voltaire, Lafayette, Peter the Great, and, in this country, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Patrick Henry, and other aristocratic revolutionaries."

— "Elements of Style" GQ Magazine

"When I first met Michael in historic Williamsburg, Virginia, I immediately had the impression of a man who belonged by nature to the age of our Founding Fathers. Years later, when I visited him in his rustic cabin home hidden away in the woods of California, he seemed to live altogether out of time. Through all our years of friendship he has continued to teach and exemplify the inner spirit of America in a fascinating and unforgettable way. He embodies a uniquely American wisdom."

— Mr. Donald Demmert, Chevalier of the French Legion of Honor, Decorated Veteran of the Second World War

"Rare perspective. Of this world and otherworldly at the same time. A conversation with Michael provides an opportunity to stand outside oneself looking in."

Mr. Robert C. Wilburn, Director, Carnegie Mellon University Heinz College, President Emeritus, The Gettysburg Foundation, The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, The Carnegie Institute

"A cross between someone very cultured and wise, and someone very spiritual and monastic. Ralph Waldo Emerson meets Thomas Merton in Michael Lorence."

— Mr. Greg Heinemann, Managing Partner, Denali Marketing

"Through all the years I have known Michael I have always admired the way he wears the atmosphere of a different world about him. It is the world of the true gentleman."

— Mr. Harold M. Messmer, Jr., CEO & Chairman, Robert Half International

"There is no title that does him justice. Michael talks with you the way you wish your father, your brother, your wife or best friend would. There is nobody like him. He is absolutely incredible."

— Mr. Jeffrey Spears, CEO, Sanctuary Wealth Services

"An ideal human type—the gentleman-sage. Feet on the ground and head in the stars"

Mr. William J. Garry, Late Editor-in-Chief, Bon Appétit Magazine

"Michael's conversation is closer to a 'pure' university life than is offered anywhere else I know in the world today. I believe he is a genuine revelation—a living glimpse into a deeper dimension of existence."

— Mr. Ed Krafchow, Owner and Chairman, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate

"Honestly, how does one find the words to describe the experience? Michael is an illuminator, he simply brings light. He brings light to the mind, the body, the heart and the soul. He provokes, stimulates and causes mental combustions. Gentle yet strong, humble yet powerful, serene yet disturbing at the same time, through his conversation one is able to resolve in one's own way the most profound questions in life. I treasure every moment I can be in his presence. He is one of the world's most conscious human beings."

— Ms. Kathy Ollerton, Director of Charities, Mason McDuffie Real Estate

"This is the Michael Lorence I've ever been pleased to know in his inimitable form: the Epitome of Enlightenment."

Mr. William Barker, Scholar-Interpreter, The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

"Though my work takes me all over the world, it is in conversation with Michael that I make the deepest connections. In the space of two hours we’ve plunged down Alice’s rabbit hole and traveled the galaxy on Einstein’s beam of light. We’ve gone from Batman’s Gotham to St. John’s Dark Night of the Soul, from Billy Joel’s songs to Beethoven’s symphonies. One world? It’s connections of meaning that make the world whole."

— Mr. Sean Skelley, President, Best Buy International

"Michael Lorence is one of the most cosmopolitan human beings on earth!"

— Dr. Phillip J. Pirages, International League of Antiquarian Booksellers

"I have always insisted on the best of everything, and in twenty years Michael has never disappointed me. He is the real thing. The best."

— Mr. Pasi M. Hamalainen, Director of Global Risk Management, PIMCO, Retired

"Michael has taken an ancient and hallowed path, choosing the way of the inner world. It is an arduous journey, especially in our modern Western world which does not have a tradition of reverence and support for its own living masters. Yet when one first beholds Michael, the immediate impression is of a man who has found his way through and is filled with serenity and passion realized."

— Mr. Christopher Semler, CEO, Semler Commodities

"When I first saw Michael, I knew there was something special and deep in him. It is absolutely visible and palpable. I could have stayed there listening to him for days."

— Ms. Graziella Pruiti, International Attorney at Law, New York City

"I am blessed to know Michael Lorence. This gentle philosopher has turned his lifelong study into a life of effortless virtue, beauty, and truth. He embodies his message of masculine maturity: the true gentleman."

— Ms. Mayke Beckmann Briggs, Author of "Here You Are"

"I was once asked who in the world I would most like to spend a day with, and I answered the Dalai Lama, for his intelligence and wit and down-to-earth wisdom. After this evening I can honestly say I would rather spend two hours in conversation alone with Michael Lorence than a day with the Dalai Lama!"

— Mr. Clint Wilson, President, Sonoma Management Group

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